Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Now NOLT Training Program information is available at

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

2 Latest Technologies ShwaasPathy and TatvLogy available on youtube to understand & feel proud to be Indian

Now youtube has many video's on

ShwaasPathy and TatvLogy the 2 Latest

Technologies developed by

Prof. Agarwal, Embedded Technology Guru

Now take full advantage of both well established Technologies

Friday, December 11, 2009

Know the Technology Strength of Bhaaratiye Sanskriti, to bbe feel proud of

Welcome to the world of Technologies Confirming the advantage of being Human

Pl send your request to receive the copy of Video at


After going thru' the above media file you will be amused to know the Technology strength of INDIA and will confirm your PROUD of being Indian

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kalkaji Declared as GYANSource for the Global Community

Prof. Agarwal Declared KalkaJi, New Delhi as the GyanSource for the Global Society.

All are invited to become GyanVeer to help Evolving a Positive Society of DevSainiks

Engaged in Making the Earth Worth living and Pollution Free
so That our YOUNGER GENERATION can feel Proud of their Ancestors

Like we are PROUD of Having
ParsuRAM, Ram and Krishn:

as our Ancestors

JanamAshtami, 2009 was CELEBRATED as 1st birthday of krishn: in golden Period of Kaliyug

Krishn: at his 1st birthday, when He showed the entire universe in his mouth to Yashoda wife of NAND at Nand Gaon(Village)

Maharishi Garg was the KulGuru of Krishn:

Mahrishi Saandipani was the Guru of Krishn:
Ref Naveen Samay Chakr:

Hope Everyone will take advantage of this opportunity CREATED by Prof. Agarwal and dedicated by Mr. Pushker Birla, a dedicated soul to Bhartiye Sanskriti

The inspiration of Dedicating this whole Training Program program NOL was attributed to Late P.K. Agarwal R/o Kalkaji due to his being the best teacher for his children to teach TatvGyan just before death.
Ist May being date of birth of Late P.K. Agarwal has been declared as the NOLT Day on 30 july 2009 the day he left for hevenly abode and
NOL training program is dedicated on this day for the benefit of the GLOBAL Society

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Exibition on B.S.ki E.T.

Agrsen K'ngres a non-fund based NGO initiated a program of putting up B.S. ki E.T. exhibition in your institutions specially charitable institutions, schools and colleges to create awareness regarding Bhaaratiye Sanskriti from technology angle among the budding minds.

This show is put up after the return of Science Express carrying Shwaaspathy Tool from 6-months All India tour.

Huge response encouraged us to take this initiative.

This will help them decide to pick up the best for their lives.

Contact Prof. Agarwal 9811654149, 9873300904(For organising in your institution)
Permanent Show is put up at 501/32 Nehru Place, New Delhi-19